Développé avec Berta.me


    Series of photographical and textual compositions (2017/2018)

    18 photographical and textual compositions (21x29,7cm) / Under glass

    Mixed techniques

    Edition 1/1


    Well Now is based on a socio-political observation about the persistence of the gender inequality in art, which especially affects the distribution of the artists’s spaces of visibility according to their biological sexual identity. This observation takes shape in a notebook, through a series of statistics started in 2016 and bringing out a recurring ratio of 1/3 (female) for 2/3 (male), and is formalized the following year through a series of photographical and textual compositions.

    Well Now uses the plastic form of the photographical report, combining text and image, to attest a posteriori to actions, gestures (initially filmed or photographed), which reflect a succession of feelings and positions faced with the active parameter “gender” in the estimate and the diffusion of the artistic practices, from alienation to rage, from refusal to resistance.

  2. Constater Typed text on kraft (275g)


    Typed text on kraft (275g)