Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Toute ressemblance avec des personnes existantes ne saurait être que fortuite   

    Photographic series (2011)

    20 digital color photographs (40x50cm and 20x25cm) / Lambda print on satin RC paper / Under glass  

    Edition 1/2 + 1EA


    Toute ressemblance avec des personnes existantes ne saurait être que fortuite (2011) is a photographic series of fictional portraits formed with photographs from different social networks profiles. This work investigates the question of identity through the photographic portrait. If  this one has a political dimension relating to identification, today, in the age of digital and of universal networking, it is too the suject of a significant reappropriation by the individuals themselves, which reveals the plurality of relationships to our own image to appear and communicate with others.

    In my art practice, these photographs become a manipulable material which integrates a buiding process of a new image. Their selection was made randomly. Then, extracted from their original context, they were gathered together according to criteria of face’s posture and expression, in the perspective of their superposition. And they were enlarged, which has implied a loss of the image’s definition and of the face’s details. The process of superposition is based on the rule of the number three, each of the twenty portraits of this series being formed from three to sixty photographs. In a work on transparency and on colors and tints, it participates to the inscription of new contours of a composite face, always in a central position but unidentifiable, residing in the fluidity and the movement.

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