Développé avec Berta.me

  1. Somewhere 

    Video & sound projection (2012)

    Black&white digital video (0.24.09), stereo sound / Videoprojection on wall


    Somewhere is a textual and sound composition which features descriptions of spaces in time.

    These texts have been written by cybernauts via an internet platform. Each responds to the task "What's happening outside?" which, in first, involves moving the eyes from a first window, the computer screen, to another, to outside. In second, it requires a transcription of the visual with sentences or just words. These texts were collected, recorded and re-spatialized. Look and listening follow an opposition game right/left.

  2. Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015

    Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015

    Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015

    Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015


  3. Somewhere    

    Book (2012)

    Book with saddle stitch paper (A5, 26 pages), black&white digital print on white paper   

    Edition 1/1 + 1EA


    A book Somewhere was created in parrallel with all the texts. Readind carries out on double page with a space-time game according to each text.