Développé avec Berta.me

  1. (Re)Actions                                                                                                     Photographic and textual composition (2015)

    dizitized Kodachrome + text (15x15cm) / Fine Art-pigment photo print on Awagami Unryu   Edition 1/20 + 1EA


    During the night of January 7, 2015, few hours after the attacks to Charlie Hebdo, an incessant repetition of a sequence of words gave shape to the text "(RE)ACTIONS". It is published as a photographic and textual composition to fix a time of critic and commitment.



  3. (Re)Actions                                                                                                      Video (2015)

    black&white digital video, stereo sound, (0.06.42)

    co-created by Laurie Joly and Parya Vatankhah                                                                 text written by Laurie Joly the night after the attacks of January 7, 2015 in Paris


    "(RE)ACTIONS" is the result of the collaboration between two artists, french and iranian. Its starting point is situated in the question of dialogue. "(RE)ACTIONS" installs a dialogue between two artists - two stories, two cultures and two artistic practices. "(RE)ACTIONS"creates a dialogue between artistic media - considering all forms of Art. "(RE)ACTIONS" aims for a dialogue between looks - for a plurality of the sensitive modes of reception. This video is a commitment against the censorships which continue to impact on the creation and the artists.