Développé avec Berta.me

  1. NoName                                                                                                              Video projection (2007)

    digital color video, no sound, loop / videoprojection on wall, scale 1/1                           Edition 1/1 + 1EA


    NoName places the spectator in front of an average naked body that is standing still. This body had been purified. Hair, stains, beauty spots, every sign of recognition had been removed. The flesh had been purified, digitally smoothed. This new look is like a homogeneous and neutral skin. The title NoName reinforces the idea of the loss of personality. The slow movement of appearence and disappearence of the body expresses the evanescence of the identity.

  2. Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015

    Le 100, Paris (Fr) 2015


  3. 121211895-10151225                                                                                                Photographic triptych (2007)

    color slide 3 (14x32,5cm) / lambda print on satin color RC paper                                      Edition 1/1 + 1EA


    Barbie is the reference : its external attributes (wig, nail polish) which identify, sexualized the body, its posture and the size of its package.