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  1. Moving Diary

    Web page (2013)

    Web page (http://www.ljoly.com/english/moving-diary/md-partitions/)


    Moving Diary presents my daily movements in the virtual space of internet which were recorded between 05/01/2013 and 05/31/2013.

    In first this diary took shape of web page and small crosses indicate my presence throughout the day, every day. The reading is made from left to right (hour/hour) then from top to bottom (day/day).

    Then the diary took shape of tactile digital compositions. 31 prints were realized with the technique of embossing. Each presents a single day. In this context, the touch restores my presence.




    Moving Diary : one month of virtual mobility 

    Journal (2017)

    Journal (289x380mm, 64 pages), digital black&white print on bright paper (90g)

    Edition 1/1 + 1EA