Développé avec Berta.me


    Multiform project (2010/--)


    / Athens (Gr) / Brussels (Be) / Malaga (Es) / Paris (Fr) / London (Uk) / Marseille (Fr) / Porto (Pt) / Puteaux (Fr) / Rome (It) / Stockholm (Sw) /


    Composings involves in exploring urban space through the presence and the mobility of bodies in a delimited time. This project is always conducted, in its all successive versions, by the same artistic protocol, via the photographic medium, which combines technical processes of extraction and accumulation of bodies. From this protocol, I compose with (body’s) co-presence in order to (re)construct spaces in a relation of inscription / revelation, also understood as a time manipulation.

    The issue of Composings is located on a political and social level. I question the contemporary organization of our spaces that the search of a bodies traffic fluidity influences. My photographical point of view, from the top and directed toward ground, echoes the point of view of certain surveillance tools which record, to image, our reality. I create and exploit data in their signs function. From another angle, artistic and sensitive, Composings offers new modes of space perception and understanding.



    >>> Composings I (2010/2011) : series of photographs

    >>> Composings II (2013) : series of photographic compositions

    >>> Composings III (2014) : videographic triptych

    >>> Composings IV (2014/2016) : photographic volume

    >>> Composings V (2014/--) : video & sound installation