Développé avec Berta.me

  1. 0000000002   

    Video (2007)

    Digitized videotape, color, stereo sound (0.00.55)


    "All identical. All from the same mould. Made up on its image, I am between its hands (...) A naked doll."

    0000000002 shows the complete shearing of a naked body, laying down, immobile. Tne shearing starts at the bottom of the body ending by the shearing of the face, the neck, the cheeks, the eyebrows and the skull. The static shots and the aggressive soundtrack focus our view on the clippers. The spectator follows the progress of the object on the body, the progress of the shearing at the rate of the electric appliance.

    The matter disappears progressively. The body is laid bare a second time by removing all its hair. It appears as a complete smooth surface. The title 0000000002 insists on the idea of the loss of the identity. This body becomes anonymous.